Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whom You Worship?

            We were made to Worship, Everyone does, but some people mistakenly submit to a false part of worship. They don't even know that they're falling to a wrong Worship. Yes!, everyone's made to worship but the question is to whom we are worshiping to? Things we desire and the way we act reveals of whom our worship are designated to. Some cases people are focusing on money, luxury and fame, stuff that they thought are more valuable in this world. The mere fact that these things become their obsession may also lead them to what we call false worship, for they are worshiping other god. Bible says Exodus 34:14 that we must not worship other god for the Lord our God, whose name is Jealous is a jealous God.
              When we say "Made to Worship"  these phrase referring to a highest call of Worship.Worship as Christians defines it as an religious act of giving glory to the God Almighty the maker of  heaven and earth. We were made to Worship because we are called to Worship as the Psalm 100:1-5 says that we must Worship the Lord with gladness because He is the Lord our God, the God who made us, and we are His. We are called to worship, but this requires deeper thought, deeper feeling and most of all you need to have a heart in it, because God seek for those who truly worship him John 4:23-24 indicate that we must worship the Father in spirit and in truth for these are the kind of worshiper God is seeking.
                You and I were made to worship, but the way we live tells more clearly of whom we worship and what kind of worshiper are we.

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